Curriculum Vitae[under construction]
Something boring like a curriculum vitae can be found in .pdf format in english here.
Also, I can juggle 3 balls!

Professional Experience:

Company: Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN-Lisbon)
Date: From 2nd July 2012 to 28th February,2013
Role: Telecommunications Engineer (Radio Access Team)
- Received general training on the main aspects of Radio Access Network and NSN equipment.
- Provided technical support regarding NSN's RA equipment.
- Software Upgrades on 2G (BSC) and 3G (WBTS) networks.
- NPO reports

Company: EDP Distribuição, S.A. - Setúbal
Date: From 25th August to 24th September, 2010
Description: Summer Internship: In the department of Construction & Management of Setúbal I followed several works in the field, where I oversaw the process of distribution and maintenance of the electrical energy in the city.


Date: 2007 → 2013 (expected)
Degree: (M.Sc) Integrated Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering
College: Technical University of Lisbon - Instituto Superior T�cnico

Date: May 2010
Course: Introdutory workshop in machinery (12 hours)
Description: Transforming a metalic object using the lathe, mill drill, guillotine and a metal sheet bending machine
College: Instituto Superior T�cnico

Date: March 2010 - July 2010
Course: Introdutory Spanish (30 hours)
Qualifications: A1 level from European Classification System
College: Technical University of Lisbon

Date: From ?? to ??
Course: English institute
Qualifications: Millestone 2
Institute: Wall Stree Institute

Social and Technical Skills

Native Language:  Portuguese
Foreign Language: English - Professional usage (oral, writing and comprehension)
Foreign Language: Spanish - Good comprehension. Poor orality and writing

Social skills and extracurricular activities:
Treasurer of XI JEEC - Jornadas de Estudantes de Electrotecnia e Computadores (2010-2011)
Member of NEEC board (treasurer) - N�cleo de Estudantes de Electrotecnia e Computadores do IST (November 2009 → present)
Member of TUIST - Tuna Universit�ria do IST (2007-2008)

IT skills:
Basic knowledge of MATLAB and Java. Good performance on the C programming language
Very good knowledge on HTML e CSS. Basic notions of PHP, Javascript
Good knowledge of SQL, database concepts and usage of MSSQL server software.
Very good usage of Microsoft tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

Interests & Other Activities

Troia-Casablanca Biketrip 2013:
Three friends, biking through the Atlantic coast of three countries, from the white sandy beaches of Troia to the hot desert city of Casablanca.

Trento, Italy - From April 6th to April 15th, 2007
Youth Exchange - EU program of cultural interchange with teenagers from more than 5 European Countries

Initiate level on acoustic guitar and mandolin

Attachments: [EDP] [Wall Street Institute] [Spanish]
[last update: 10th August, 2012]